Saturday, 20 September 2008

Something to CROW About!

Created by Hand's challenge to use Crows this week captured my imagination, and has resulted in a piece quite different from my usual style! But then, that's the whole point of challenges isn't it?

The keen-eyed among you will notice that the background is one of my bleach-stamped efforts. The crow himself is a stamp by Invoke Arts, along with the small boxed bird shape. The main bird is embossed which is why he looks a bit shiny in the picture.

I added bands of black card, decorated with gold relief outliner, and computer lettering. It's fun to work outside your comfort zone (at least it is when you don't throw the results in the bin), but I so wish I could get the hang of doing layers rather than neat and tidy arrangements!! Note to self - LOOSEN UP!!


Stempelchaotin said...

Wow this looks fantastic.
Great piece.

Kelly said...

beautiful creation!

Jaqi said...

Very nice, Love the background, Jaqi