Saturday, 13 July 2019


My apologies, I have been SO caught up with our impending house move that I genuinely didn't realise I had allowed almost a month to go by without posting.  Where does the time go?  I am still working in my art journal but a lot of other stuff is calling on my attention, so I'm not producing pages or finding time to reflect as much as I would like.  Further apologies in advance but we hope to move in about 2 weeks time, so if I'm not here that will be why!!

This page arose out of the place we find ourselves - which is preparing to move on AGAIN.  Just when we though we were settled here.  It has made me look back over the journey of our life this far and how very unplanned it has mostly been, and yet how right each place has seemed at the time.  I hope and trust that this move will be the same.

So I began with a painted background as usual, and then was thinking about pathways and branching off paths in unexpected directions which (I think) is how I ended up with what looks a bit like a road with roundabouts?  OK just me then.
The page got stuck here for a good 10 days, and then one day I just wrote what was in my heart.  I think I was feeling scared and unsure if we were really doing the right thing, but really I AM sure, I just needed to remind myself of that!  Everyone has their wobbly days, and there have been quite a few around here.
Shortness of time meant that finishing the page with doodles and drawings didn't quite happen, but it feels complete anyway.
I will try to post again before we move but realistically I probably won't get around to it, so see you on the other side!!  If our last move is anything to go by, other rooms will take priority in the unpacking process - you know, food, sleep, that kind of thing - so it may be a while before all my craft stuff gets unpacked and organised.

Your prayers would be appreciated - moving house is always stressful, and that makes pain and fatigue worse, so I am trusting in God that I'll get through this.  Freckleton here we come!!