Wednesday, 13 May 2009


These pictures complete the tour of my Studio - showing the storage to the right of my central workspace. I keep my paper in those slim 12 x 12 boxes, sorted mainly by colour but with a few manufacturers too (eg Basic Grey and K & Co collections).

My large cutter has it's place here too, and most of my stuff lives in Really Useful Boxes. The lined
baskets hold mini books and CJs.

The lower pictures show the left hand side - this is where the Cricut machine lives, and on the wall above is a shelf meant for CDs which holds my most-used colours of acrylic paint.

Once again RUBs feature heavily and the plastic drawers hold an assortment of bits and pieces (like my Twinkling H2os) which don't seem to fit anywhere else. It's such a pleasure to come in here in the mornings, and my spirits lift every time I see those curtains - worth every penny!!

I know I'm lucky to have a room of my own, let alone one this big, and I do try to share it with lots of other people. The trick to having one is to persuade your kids to move out!! Please ask if you've got any questions and hope you've enjoyed the tour!

I'm off to Florida tomorrow so see you in two weeks .....

Sunday, 10 May 2009


To the right of the Expedit bookcase is my desk - and computer. This is where I cruise the net, work and write. You can see the pink letter trays to the left - a friend was getting rid of them and had an idea I might like them ... which of course I DID!! I like to have lots of art I've been given around me which I put up on the notice boards, and there's some of my own work on the shelf above me.

The desk itself is simply a modern flush door varnished, which stands on two pedestals that I had built.

On top of one of the speakers sits my ball-jointed doll Lizzy - who often acts as the voice of my conscience . If what I'm writing is a load of rubbish she gives me this look as if to say "oh come on Rosie ....". The desk chair is just a cheapie typist's chair, which (having been cheap) isn't really up to the job and the height adjustment doesn't work terribly well. Sometimes without warning it suddenly descends to the lowest setting! It all keeps you on your toes I guess, but if I ever spot a pink one this one's going in a skip!!

Just one more group of pictures to come now .....

Friday, 8 May 2009


Along from the shelves I showed you yesterday is the door - and I picked up a tip somewhere online that this was a space you could use! Then when I found a PINK shoe organiser it seemed meant to be .... now I keep my SU punches in it.

Along from the door is the wardrobe I use as a cupboard, and the washstand where my sewing machine lives. I've never quite brought myself to use my super duper machine on paper, but I do a lot of actual sewing with it and am just branching into free form embroidery. Next to that is the filing cabinet trolley which doubles as a "refreshment centre". OK, it's where the kettle and mugs live, so that groups meeting up here can have the necessary caffeine and biscuits!

Turning to the right again is my main Expedit bookcase from Ikea - absolutely ideal for scrappers as 12 x 12 albums fit beautifully into the cubes. My albums, books and files live here, and the basket at the bottom are great for hiding those untidy bits and bobs that everybody seems to have. Ikea strikes again in the wooden magazine files.

You may be wondering what the yellow boxes are and these are from a kit company (Scrapagogo). I really like their kits but as you can see they've mounted up a bit so I decided to give them a rest for a while!!
Just one more set of pictures to follow and then you'll have seen it all ....

Tuesday, 5 May 2009


On the right hand side of the Studio I have a set of wall shelves - we had these made in 1984 and they're still going strong 3 houses later! I keep my SU stamp sets here (and a few odd bits like metallic paints and alcohol inks).

The space between the bottom of the shelves and the radiator always seemed wasted, so I've begun to put small shelves in there to make use of it. These are from Ikea and hold my buttons (ask anyone - I LOVE buttons and use them all the time) in their cute little bottles. Below them is another Ikea shelf that I haven't got around to putting up yet, and a set of hanging pegs which I bought at the charity shop and painted PINK!! Not quite sure where they're going yet either.

To the left of the shelves is a small Expedit bookcase (Ikea again) which is newly imported and doesn't have much on it yet. The baskets on top hold my needle felting yarns etc. I've started to keep my Big Shot here too as it doesn't get used so often now that we have a Cricut (the "we" is our scrapbook group, but the Cricut lives here between crops). The other shelf is one intended for CDs which was surplus to requirements downstairs so I nabbed it in the belief that it was BOUND to come in for something ....
And there's my scrapbook trolley, one of the first pink items to arrive, a Christmas present 3 years ago from my beloved.

Beyond the Expedit bookcase is my new toy - a shiny trolley I bought from Amazon which is the best thing since sliced bread! It came flat packed and was so easy to put together, and it satisfies my NEED for organisation! I keep all my SU stuff in this so that it's separate from my "other" stash. Pictures of the next bit to follow ....

Monday, 4 May 2009


Well as I promised, here is the first instalment of the pictures of the redecorated studio - now white with touches (well quite a few actually) of pink! As you can see I'm lucky enough to have a large room on the top floor of the house, which has a wonderful bay window with a view over the garden and local rooftops. I love it up here and have my workstation built into the window.

Our old dining table occupies the centre so that I can teach and hold groups here (assuming they can puff their way up all the stairs). I had a double fluorescent strip light installed over the table so that we work in a good light. I can take up to five people (six at a pinch) and the blue polka dot PVC tablecloth stands up to some heavy use, although I do find that inkpads can stain it. I'm looking for a pink replacement because the pale blue isn't that practical - or do you think that might be TOO MUCH pink?? As if ....

The next picture shows where I work in the centre of the window, with the storage of all my most used items around me. I have a large cutting mat here and my MM tote which holds all my basic tools. The surface is a kitchen worktop which is perfect to work on and stands a good deal of abuse and still comes up clean! The shelf at the back is an Ikea CD storage shelf which I turned upside to use as cubby holes. On top I keep my catalogues of stamps, my markers, and binders of collage sheets, while the spotty case holds some of my favourite clear stamps.

As you can see below most of my storage is Really Useful Boxes, although I also love the metal buckets from Ikea which just fit in the spaces between the windows! I'm wondering if I should spray them pink too - the wire cake rack on the left already got the treatment!

You may also notice that I have two bins - I'm a passionate recycler so I have one for paper which will recycle (which is most of the rubbish I generate), and I only very reluctantly put stuff in the other bin because that means it will have to go to landfill.

You might be able to see my super lamp - not only is it completely adjustable and on a swivel base (which is built into the worktop), but it includes a lens for very close work. I used to use that a lot when I made miniatures. When the daylight fades I get a lovely cosy pool of light from the lamp - I'm often surprised how people set up beautiful studios and scrap rooms without giving the same attention to the lighting, which is key!

I'm sure there must be lots of things I haven't mentioned (like that plant I'm always trying to kill) so if I've missed anything out and you have questions just ask!! Yes before you ask I did tidy up a bit for the photos, but I am usually pretty tidy anyway!!