Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Here we are again revealing all for the benefit of the WOYWW crowd - only this time it's my desk rather than my workdesk if you see what I mean, because this is where I'm working at the moment. Things are flowing rather nicely with Bestseller No.2 (and no, thanks for asking Bestseller no.1 hasn't attracted a bidding war just yet)!

It's a lovely big desk - I got a joiner to build me two drawer pedestals and the top is a flush door, £11.99 from B & Q! How's that for money saving, and I've had it donkeys' years. I've got a few art postcards on the wall that I like to look at, and some of my smaller altered pieces on a shelf above with reference/inspiration books. The pink letter trays were a gift from a friend who knows I am partial to such things, and you can also see one of my two noticeboards - the other is mainly for notices and photos, but this one contains lots of pieces of art, many of which were from friends.

A closer view below shows you the precious little things which live on the monitor stand - gifts from friends, a fossil I found, that sort of stuff. And this gorgeous girl perched on the edge is Lizzie, my best friend and sternest critic. If what I'm writing is utter b******s she gives me this look, and I know it's time to hit the delete button. If you're interested to know such things she's an Obitsu jointed doll and completely poseable - they arrive bare, without even a face, so I painted her features and gave her this wig. I think she deserves a better one really but they're a bit expensive. This is actually her winter outfit - I've got a more summery one somewhere, but forgot to change her into it. She's not bothered either - it's not like its tropical out there is it? How do you like her nifty pink trainers?

So anyway, the reason I'm working here is that I'm well into chapter two of next Bestseller, and you can have a sneak preview below. Made a good start by getting my heroine away from dull, bankrupt and unfaithful husband and off to start a new life ... she's about to go to Tesco for some cushions. Blimey I know how to tell a rattling good yarn don't I??

Usual disclaimer - I'm afraid that I already know I won't get around all the other desks - my enfeebled physical condition doesn't allow it now WOYWW has got so big, but I will drop in and out randomly of as many desks as I can get to. Go on over to Julia's place if you want to know more ...

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


It's so nice to be back with the WOYWW crowd again after our holiday - which is what you find me scrapping here, trying to capture the memories of our favourite place. And here's a closer view if like me you're nosey and want to see more.

Yes I DID buy all sorts of stash goodies in the USA, including a new camera, and now that the lead I needed has arrived I will be uploading the photo I took of it all! Oh happy days, all I have to do now is find homes for everything. The one thing I really REALLY want to show you is THIS!!

You probably already know my great love for all things pink and spotty, and a few months back I managed to buy (second hand) the trolley and bag which match the above, but had looked everywhere for the round and round tote thingy (what ARE they called anyway?). Having discovered that this is a discontinued colourway I had given up hope, so imagine my delight when browsing the aisles of KMart I came across this!! Embarrassed my dearly beloved by snatching it up and doing a happy dance - I think he got the impression that I was pleased about something. So now it is sitting on my desk looking gorgeous and this weekend I'll be off to the crop with my Matching Luggage!! Obviously I don't care about material things like this at all ..... but if you want to see more go on over to Julia's Place where other desks await. I apologise in advance that I really won't be able to leave comments on more than about 40 desks, after which I'm afraid I wilt ... so am planning to drop in on various WOYWWers at random. This really isn't just a pathetic excuse for not bothering - I suffer from Fibromyalgia and can't concentrate very well or sit at the pooter for too long.

Saturday, 5 June 2010


Returned from Virginia USA earlier in the week and the brain fog caused by jet-lag is clearing nicely. Sadly it hadn't done so in time for me to take part in the WOYWW anniversary on Wednesday - I even made the project specially before I went away, so that all I had to do was upload it when we got back. Duh, completely failed to remember until today ... so better late than never, here it is.

In case you're not a "Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday" afficionado, Julia asked us to celebrate the first anniversary by making something decorate which incorporated the WOYWW initials. My effort was this chunky ATC made from a wood block ...

I painted most of the wood cream, and then stamped on the block itself first before adding a coat of sealant over everything. I used all sorts of new stuff on this - some Paper Artsy stamps which I cut out and watercoloured, and the remains of some script tissue paper. The key on the side is made using a Tim Holtz die to which I added lots of layers of embossing powder until it looked really 3D. I also included some watch parts I've had for ages, and the quote just seemed to fit seeing as the block is a "box" which doesn't open! (I know what I mean).

As you can see the WOYWW logo is down there at the bottom, and the final detail was a clock face before adding another coat of sealant to finish off. Yes it's my usual cream/brown vintage thing ... I seem to keep coming back to it whatever.

I did manage just a teensy weensy bit of stash shopping while in the USA, but until I can find the lead for my camera can't upload the picture to show you - watch this space!