Thursday, 25 April 2013


I'm still challenging myself to love paint and this was a very painty background ... I even splodged it around with a baby wipe on this one!  The result was quite pleasing - a bit like a stormy sky perhaps - if somewhat darker than it was really meant to be!
Then I had a good rummage in my box of magazine clippings and came up with the "how to make a difference" headline, which seemed like a good theme.  Now you might wonder what the house is doing there, and so did I once I'd pasted it down.  It was the colours that were just perfect really, but I concluded eventually that it was also there because when you're talking about the simple things in life it always boils down to home, doesn't it?

The typewriter?  Well that's  just there because its blue I think, anyway I can't come up with any more complex explanation, I just liked it, and that's a good enough reason to put it in in my book!
So once again this is a page in which I'm pretty much thinking aloud.  Because I'm now disabled and not able to hold down a job it is a repeating theme of my life to wonder occasionally what I'm "for" and whether I can still make a difference in the world when I can't even get out there independently any more.
But as you can see I came to the conclusion that it isn't about big stuff like founding Child Line or walking through minefields like Princess Diana.  It's that "bloom where you're planted" thing - you may not be able to go out and touch thousands of lives, but you can touch the people you meet on a day by day basis, and you can make a difference to them just by having time to give, and being willing to listen ....  I don't get out of the house as much as I'd like to, but people ring me or find their way to my door, and that's fine by me.

And because this insight is a very simple truth its a relatively simple page.  I did think about doing lots of doodly bits but it just wasn't right here.  I might even do more simple pages.  Yes, I know, its not that likely to happen is it, given my propensity for drawing and doodling and filling in the spaces.  The leopard doesn't change her spots because she LIKES them ....... :)

Monday, 15 April 2013


I've been making one of my spiritual pages again ... as you know, I do this from time to time.  At one stage I considered keeping a separate journal for this kind of work, but then it seemed to me that all my pages belong together - without differentiating between spiritual and more earthly concerns, or indeed the complaints I sometimes commit to paper!  It seemed artificial to have part of my life in a separate box, instead of putting everything into one.

So that's why I break out into this kind of page occasionally, as and when I feel moved to do so.  Which I must have done on this occasion, because some man on the TV had got on my nerves and started me off thinking how glad I've always been to be female.  I love it, I've always enjoyed being a woman (although there are some design faults I might take up with the Almighty one day) and want to celebrate that loudly and often.

All these thoughts reminded me of a wonderful modern Psalm, written by Janet Morley - this is only part of it but you can find the rest in her book called "All Desires Known" if you can find it anywhere: it is probably out of print now.  If you've been with me for a while you will also know that I relate very strongly to a female God (without denying the Father aspects).  God is neither of course, but this is one way of relating that I just happen to find particularly helpful.  Try it and see?
And that's why I ended up drawing another beautiful lady deity, because (idolatry aside) I like to picture God as very calm and serene, and it kind of goes without saying that she'd be beautiful.  I drew direct to paper with a waterproof fine liner pen, and then as you can see below began to add colour - most of it with Caran d'Ache crayons, but the face and hair have been done with Promarkers with the addition of a gold pen to highlight.
You will notice that at some stage I decided I didn't like the pink background and gave her a heavenly sky full of stars instead - much better!  The words speak for themselves I think, and go right to the heart of it for me ....
And although I'm still dotty about my husband, I've always needed women friends too.  I particularly like the part about delighting in their company - the sisters who've walked with me on my journey have been among the most precious things in my life, excepting only my man and our children.  It was nice to celebrate that ....

Thursday, 4 April 2013


Here's me challenging myself to try new things again - I gessoed the page (still hate gesso for its chalkiness, but it does make a good base for paint) and pasted on some strips on text, then added paint on top, and a stamp made to look like bubble wrap.  I know, and its a double page too!  Positively revolutionary for me, must have been watching too many videos on You Tube ... 
Then I put in the headline text (cut from a newspaper) and went and had a coffee while I thought about what I wanted to say awhile.  I often surprise myself with what I come up with, but I've been banging on about this for years, it was just the right time to get it down on paper....
I get so frustrated by all the advertisements telling me I should want to look half my age, made incidentally using models who are very young photographed in soft focus!  As if.  I'm perfectly happy in my own grandmotherly skin, thank you - the lines on my face demonstrate a lifetime of laughter, and I'm not ashamed of any of them.  Sorry, I may get off my soapbox in a moment, but it IS true.  I look back to the low self-esteem, lacking in confidence young woman I was, and then at how my life's journey has formed and shaped me into somebody I'm (mostly) proud to have become.  I am undoubtedly still a work in progress but would not want to turn back the clock even if it could be offered.  The wisdom I have (often painfully) acquired is probably the most priceless thing I have.

Some of the seed heads on this are stamped, and the white ones were just drawn on to match.  The face is a Teesha Moore stamp.