Thursday, 25 April 2013


I'm still challenging myself to love paint and this was a very painty background ... I even splodged it around with a baby wipe on this one!  The result was quite pleasing - a bit like a stormy sky perhaps - if somewhat darker than it was really meant to be!
Then I had a good rummage in my box of magazine clippings and came up with the "how to make a difference" headline, which seemed like a good theme.  Now you might wonder what the house is doing there, and so did I once I'd pasted it down.  It was the colours that were just perfect really, but I concluded eventually that it was also there because when you're talking about the simple things in life it always boils down to home, doesn't it?

The typewriter?  Well that's  just there because its blue I think, anyway I can't come up with any more complex explanation, I just liked it, and that's a good enough reason to put it in in my book!
So once again this is a page in which I'm pretty much thinking aloud.  Because I'm now disabled and not able to hold down a job it is a repeating theme of my life to wonder occasionally what I'm "for" and whether I can still make a difference in the world when I can't even get out there independently any more.
But as you can see I came to the conclusion that it isn't about big stuff like founding Child Line or walking through minefields like Princess Diana.  It's that "bloom where you're planted" thing - you may not be able to go out and touch thousands of lives, but you can touch the people you meet on a day by day basis, and you can make a difference to them just by having time to give, and being willing to listen ....  I don't get out of the house as much as I'd like to, but people ring me or find their way to my door, and that's fine by me.

And because this insight is a very simple truth its a relatively simple page.  I did think about doing lots of doodly bits but it just wasn't right here.  I might even do more simple pages.  Yes, I know, its not that likely to happen is it, given my propensity for drawing and doodling and filling in the spaces.  The leopard doesn't change her spots because she LIKES them ....... :)


Giulietta said...

You are so 'out there' thanks to the internet! And your work is an encouragement to me every time. Many thanks

Suzy said...

That background is stunning Rosie, very stormy sky. Love your finished page and yes I do believe its all about everyone doing their little bit which does make a difference at the end of the day

Im still practising my lettering but havent managed to get it as good as yours yet!

Cynthia Lee said...

Favorite sentence: " I just liked it, and that's a good enough reason to put it in in my book!"


and even that simple thing, choosing something you like simply because you like it ... even that can be revolutionary.

viv said...

Another great page Rosie. You really inspire me

alexa said...

Just glorious - I love all of it! And of course you make a difference to all of us who visit too :).

Anonymous said...

You *do* make a difference. My creativity quotient is so low, I have to dig for it...but following your blog is very inspirational to me, especially the progress photos & how you tell us what materials you use. Thank you so much for sharing! <3

LindaVincent said...

I really like this page Rosie......great colours, great lettering and inspirational words. XX