Tuesday, 26 February 2019


These photos show just how different images can look in daylight and artificial light.  When I started work on this page it was in natural light on a slightly cloudy day ... when the yellow as you can see below looks more primrose than anything else!

The real colour is much nearer to the main picture, and I began by adding pieces of collage in shades of grey.  This is one of my favourite parts - just sitting with a drawer full of paper scraps feeling my way towards something which will make sense.
And below you can see the collage process complete, finished off with black outlines and grey shadows.  The figure is my own drawing to represent me ... inevitably somewhat thinner and younger looking than the reality, but reflecting how I feel inside!!
With the journalling part complete I added the doodling and drawing, and took the final picture in electric light, which makes the yellow look much more vivid.
We had thought we were settled and looking ahead to a peaceful retirement, but it seems we were wrong ... and we've been invited to consider an alternative future.  It was a shock at first, but gradually I've become convinced that this is a calling from God, and the right thing for us to do.

Being a normal human being as well as a woman of faith, its in the wee small hours that the doubts creep in, and I wonder if I've completely lost the plot ... Once again we're preparing to put ourselves out there on a new road, not entirely sure where it leads, but believing (most of the time) that it is meant to be.

Sunday, 10 February 2019


After last week's offering about pain I needed to talk myself into a better frame of mind - looking back at recent pages I got the distinct impression that I might be "wallowing".  I tell myself that I'm doing all I can to stay positive about the future, but sometimes (without noticing it) I do get a bit bogged down!!

So I painted this page a bright yellow with touches of orange - you can see from the pictures how differently the colours photograph at various times of day - and added a piece of bright red collage.
Then I set to work on a collage border and added the figure with wings and a crown just for their cheering effects!  I often use this rubber stamp for a face to represent myself, and I have a big pair of silver wings on my studio wall to help me remember that I can still fly ...
And then, because I am inclined to worry at things, over-analyse and generally fret ... this became a page about remembering who is really in control, and affirming again that I can trust that all will be well and turn out to my/our greatest good.  Its easy to forget that ...
So here's the finished article with the usual doodly decorations - and I am there in the middle of all this glorious technicolour wearing my crown and smiling. 
I hope I will look back at this page sometimes to remember what I learned in this process.  Let go, let God.