Sunday, 10 February 2019


After last week's offering about pain I needed to talk myself into a better frame of mind - looking back at recent pages I got the distinct impression that I might be "wallowing".  I tell myself that I'm doing all I can to stay positive about the future, but sometimes (without noticing it) I do get a bit bogged down!!

So I painted this page a bright yellow with touches of orange - you can see from the pictures how differently the colours photograph at various times of day - and added a piece of bright red collage.
Then I set to work on a collage border and added the figure with wings and a crown just for their cheering effects!  I often use this rubber stamp for a face to represent myself, and I have a big pair of silver wings on my studio wall to help me remember that I can still fly ...
And then, because I am inclined to worry at things, over-analyse and generally fret ... this became a page about remembering who is really in control, and affirming again that I can trust that all will be well and turn out to my/our greatest good.  Its easy to forget that ...
So here's the finished article with the usual doodly decorations - and I am there in the middle of all this glorious technicolour wearing my crown and smiling. 
I hope I will look back at this page sometimes to remember what I learned in this process.  Let go, let God.


Marjan said...

Not so long ago I started art-journaling and found your blog.
Thank you for sharing the way you make your creations, it is very educational and inspiring for me!
I love your colours and drawings, it is all so beautiful..
I am sorry to read you are having pains and wish you all the strength you need.
Greetings out of Holland.

Cath Wilson said...

"All will be well, all will be well; all manner of things will be well." :-) ;-)

Praying for you. Cath x