Friday, 10 May 2019

LET GO ....

As I've previously mentioned, we are in an in-between stage of our lives, getting ready to leave the home we'd retired to and thought was "forever".  Ahead of us lies a new life and calling, in which many things are as yet unclear.

I needed to write and journal about this strange limbo, so laid down some blue paint and then buffed it off with a wet wipe, before beginning to add collage.
Then more collage, grey shadows and a black outline began to bring the disparate elements together.  Here I was trying to avoid straight lines and keep the outline curvy and soft.
At this point I decided the page was just TOO blue and needed something more, so I used my Neocolour II crayons to introduce lime green, and added even more via collage.  I ended up with this framed page and only a vague idea what I wanted to write on it, so I set it aside until inspiration struck.
And then one day, I just wrote this ... because when things aren't in your hands trusting God for the future is all you can do.
Since then a house has been found for us and the purchase of it is in train.  All we have to do is declutter our present home and get ready to move on when the purchase is all complete.  Its exciting.  It WILL be a challenge for a wheelchair user with limited energy ... but there will be a way.