Tuesday, 5 May 2009


On the right hand side of the Studio I have a set of wall shelves - we had these made in 1984 and they're still going strong 3 houses later! I keep my SU stamp sets here (and a few odd bits like metallic paints and alcohol inks).

The space between the bottom of the shelves and the radiator always seemed wasted, so I've begun to put small shelves in there to make use of it. These are from Ikea and hold my buttons (ask anyone - I LOVE buttons and use them all the time) in their cute little bottles. Below them is another Ikea shelf that I haven't got around to putting up yet, and a set of hanging pegs which I bought at the charity shop and painted PINK!! Not quite sure where they're going yet either.

To the left of the shelves is a small Expedit bookcase (Ikea again) which is newly imported and doesn't have much on it yet. The baskets on top hold my needle felting yarns etc. I've started to keep my Big Shot here too as it doesn't get used so often now that we have a Cricut (the "we" is our scrapbook group, but the Cricut lives here between crops). The other shelf is one intended for CDs which was surplus to requirements downstairs so I nabbed it in the belief that it was BOUND to come in for something ....
And there's my scrapbook trolley, one of the first pink items to arrive, a Christmas present 3 years ago from my beloved.

Beyond the Expedit bookcase is my new toy - a shiny trolley I bought from Amazon which is the best thing since sliced bread! It came flat packed and was so easy to put together, and it satisfies my NEED for organisation! I keep all my SU stuff in this so that it's separate from my "other" stash. Pictures of the next bit to follow ....


angie said...

Ooooh that is looking fab Rosie!
Love that shiny trolley and I must find those little shelves from Ikea.

Lynn said...

Wow, I have never seen anyone so organised. How does it look when you are creating, please tell me it get's messy *giggle*
I love the new look, and I love Ikea they have great pieces for organising, it's no wonder that place is always so busy :)

Gini said...

What a wonderful crafting studio Rosie. You've created a perfect atmosphere for artistic endeavours. I'm in awe of your tidiness!
Wishing you many many happy hours of crafting bliss.