Sunday, 10 May 2009


To the right of the Expedit bookcase is my desk - and computer. This is where I cruise the net, work and write. You can see the pink letter trays to the left - a friend was getting rid of them and had an idea I might like them ... which of course I DID!! I like to have lots of art I've been given around me which I put up on the notice boards, and there's some of my own work on the shelf above me.

The desk itself is simply a modern flush door varnished, which stands on two pedestals that I had built.

On top of one of the speakers sits my ball-jointed doll Lizzy - who often acts as the voice of my conscience . If what I'm writing is a load of rubbish she gives me this look as if to say "oh come on Rosie ....". The desk chair is just a cheapie typist's chair, which (having been cheap) isn't really up to the job and the height adjustment doesn't work terribly well. Sometimes without warning it suddenly descends to the lowest setting! It all keeps you on your toes I guess, but if I ever spot a pink one this one's going in a skip!!

Just one more group of pictures to come now .....


Jaqi said...

How wonderful to see where it all happens, what a great workspace, Jaqi x

pammyjo said...

O Rosie ... your studio is wonderful. It was so fun to see where you do your art. No wonder you are so creative. It was so nice visiting and I love your organizational skills. I don't have near the space, but I'm looking into some of your ideas and storage things. Thanks! I feel like I've been over for tea. LOL

Linda said...

Its lovely neat and organised, as always. I love the curtains; VERY cheerful! (Well worth all the effort).
My room is in a disgusting state...paint, fabric and fibres everywhere! (I wouldn't mind, but I haven't actually made anything worth showing - oh well, at least I've had fun).

jaki said...

Hi Rosie, thought i'd best tell you to have a look on the Argos website - they have pink office chairs!!!
Jaki x