Wednesday, 3 September 2008


Houses are somewhat on my mind lately - we've never owned one and probably never will, but when I look ahead I sometimes wish we had a place that truly belonged to us .... it's that thing about safety and security, the essence of "home" isn't it?

And also I was in a very PINK mood, so that was the colour I got out, and then it was something of a challenge to combine pink with the architecture theme at TMTA but it was fun to work with. Architecture is fundamentally about the spaces we inhabit, and for me home is the most important of those spaces, it truly is where the heart is.

This little house shape is a stamp by Invoke Arts, and although I meant to do more colouring with it I actually rather like the black and white against the strong pink, so deliberately left most of it that way.

If I ever get the opportunity I think I would like a little pink house, with a window to look out of, preferably onto water, where I can sit and create and wave at anybody who comes to visit.