Saturday, 6 September 2008


I really enjoy making shrines so the Creative Wednesday challenge was right up my street! This isn't an ATC but a panel 6.5" x 4.5" - a much larger size than I usually work in, I seem more often to be drawn to little things ...

I love old photographs of Native Americans - their faces can sometimes be cruel and arrogant, but here I see wisdom and nobility, and also a deep sadness.

So I started making up stories again ... he is a chief or prince, a leader of his people so he deserved a crown. Unlike his brothers who led other tribes, he tried to make peace - so I added the Latin "pax" which means peace. He tried to understand the white man's ways but met only the closed minds of those who could only see their own way of living, and find no value in his - hence the lock and key. I gave him gold wings because he seemed to deserve them, and to symbolise the fact that peacemakers of any nation will always be blessed.

The piece hasn't photographed too well, and is much more 3 dimensional than the picture suggests because it is built up with layers of card. The crown is actually painted a metallic bronze, and the black decoration is raised because I used relief outliner. The black frame is also quite heavy card, finished with crackle glaze, and the background paper is 7 Gypsies I think.


Linda Elbourne said...

Lovely Shrine Rosie and great story to go with it! The paper is 7 gypsies ... I have it too ... in fact I have been hoarding a sheet for yonks coz it is one of my favourites ... one of my many favourites I might add :0)

Sarah said...

Hi Rosie
Gorgeous Shrine!! Really love your creation.

Chriss Rollins said...

WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL piece of ART I love it.
The copper colour actually to me resembles 'HIDE' which would be very apt.
Thank you for sharing this stunning shrine.
Chriss x

Jaqi said...

Hi Rosie, Ive left something on my blog for you, Jaqi

Jaqi said...

This is a lovely atc, I always find Indians very interesting , they intrigue me, Lovely work, Jaqi

The Stamping Queen said...

I love your Shrine Rosie! I looked at the challenge and I've never done a shrine before. I think after seeing yours I will give it a go!
Thanks for the inspiration
~xx Barb xx~

LazyKay said...

How strange, this is the second time today I've encountered an American Indian (not IRL you understand).

Beautiful piece - he looks noble.


Deborah said...


Debbi Baker said...

Fabulous shrine!! And such a great photo.