Monday, 22 September 2008


I really enjoyed this challenge from Creative Wednesday to use banners. Right away I started thinking about a lady in a little house putting out the flags to welcome someone (?) home!!

The little house was made with an Invoke Arts stamp - from one of my favourite sets. The tree is Hero Arts and the grass is from Tanda stamps. The flags of course came from my scrap box, and the lady in the window is an Artchix image.

She met a handsome prince at a party and fell madly and instantly in love. Now she's waiting for him to ride down the lane to her house on his white charger and never go home again, so the flags are to welcome him. Obviously he needs to turn up soon, because she's going to another party next week ..... !


Sarah said...

Great piece love the colours thanks for joining in with the challenge.

Jaqi said...

I love those little houses they are so cute. Its a great atc, I like your idea about her putting the flags out.....hehehe in my case I would be putting them out cos he had gone ! LOL. Its brill I love it Rosie, Jaqi

Dot said...

This is really lovely!