Friday, 19 September 2008


Oh wow and triple WOW - just look what Fatma sent me! I saw him on her blog and having completely fallen in love cheekily asked her to swap - and she said yes!

Mr Crow as I've named him is about 7" tall and quite soft and squishy (which I love), and his beak is wonderfully shaped giving him a slightly quizzical expression! All the beads and sequins just make him even better, and I've got him hanging over my desk where I can see him.

On the other hand I keep looking at him and feeling that he looks a bit lonely and might be in need of a mate, preferably a PINK one! Now where did I put that fabric .... ?


Bunty said...

Beautiful - lucky you!


Linda said...

Oh I want him....he's gorgeous!
How big is he?
Linda xxx

Ruth said...

oh my word this Mr Crow is indeed a very handsome crow

Jaqi said...

Wow, hes a handsome bird.....Hes wonderful, you are so lucky, can wait to see his new friend, Pink did you say? The sequins look brilliant. Jaqi

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

You lucky duck! Mr. Crow is gorgeous. Fatma is so creative and talented!