Wednesday, 17 September 2008


Linda (Blue Eyed Girl) and I have had our heads together for a couple of months now and we've been designing a NEW CHALLENGE BLOG!! We want it to be something that affirms and encourages everyone to grow through their art, and to find it therapeutic and healing as we have. We also want to offer a wide variety of themes and ideas so that all of us can challenge our boundaries and try new things. Our first challenge goes up on Friday, but the blog is live now so get on over to Big Art Adventure and bookmark it! If you'd like to sponsor us just say so!


missy k said...

Good Luck with your Big Art Adventure.... it sounds great.


Jaqi said...

Good Luck to both of you, it looks great and I cant wait for all that you have in store, Im sure you will be very successful and you will get fantastic results. Jaqi x