Tuesday, 16 September 2008


I finally got hold of a Castaway stamp pad - basically bleach without the smell - and have been playing around to see what it can do.

As you can see the results are rather interesting - you stamp your image (which comes out quite WET), leave it to dry for 5 minutes during which you see no apparent difference. Then you iron it on the HOT setting and it appears like magic! Having said that, on some cardstock nothing much happened at all ... particularly on linen finish card. I got the best results with the smoother card.

On the top ones the colour has bleached out of the stamped area, leaving the background colour completely unchanged. On the lower ones, the two blue ones show a reverse effect - the branches are the original colour and the background has been bleached away.

Apparently it only works on "uncoated" paper or card - I tried it on some texture pattern paper and it did nothing at all, but overall I like the results and think it's probably worth investing in ... and anyway I HATE the smell of bleach!!


Chris said...

This looks brilliant Rosie... thanks for showing us the results of your stamping with it.

LazyKay said...

Thank you for that review. Never heard of the stamp but now I think I might NEED one!

Like your new picture btw.


Chriss Rollins said...

thanx Rosie,never seen that pad before.
chriss x

sharon said...

I hadn't heard of these pads before but the results look great. I usually avoid the iron but I could use it for this!

Bunty said...

Lovely results Rosie. I have been debating for a while whether to invest in one. Maybe if I see it on special offer somewhere I will succumb! :)


Jaqi said...

how interesting, I take it that bleach or bleach products dont shorten the life of rubber stamps? Im very wary of bleach products, Jaqi