Saturday, 9 August 2008


It's possible that yesterday the jet lag was catching up with my brain since I felt a little down in the dumps, and it was last week's (I'm still catching up) Crazy Amigo's black and white challenge which "spoke" to me. And I normally LOVE colour!

When I looked through my images this shadowed picture of Frida Kahlo jumped out at me - I think in this you can see something of the pain she suffered. I used some text from an account of her accident as a background and stamped over this a weave effect, to represent the different strands of her life. The pattern I stamped at the top made me think of a bead curtain or something similar, which is a bit sort of Mexican ..... well I wasn't having my best day!

The postmark represents the way her work still communicates, and the butterfly the fact that despite much darkness in her life her art grew and developed out of it. I hope the title doesn't need any explanation, and it arises out of the mood I was in and the knowledge that I've got a few scars and shadows of my own .... I'm happy to say that I am in more cheerful mode today!!


Linda said...

I love it big time!
Will you swap????

Anonymous said...

I love this Rosie. I love your blog, not into blogging but I will be keeping an eye out for yours :) Very inspiring and love your wee fely dollies.