Sunday, 24 August 2008

Blue Bird

Sometimes isn't it nice not to do a challenge or a trade, but just sit down with some stuff and please yourself? So that's what I did, although I sort of challenged myself to use something I hadn't used before. Well I'd had this Paper Whimsy collage sheet for some time, but never seemed to use it, perhaps because the images are ever so slightly fuzzy. Anyway the bird and eggs were my starting point.

The background is a scrap of leftover paper, the nest is from a Lisa's Altered Art sheet, and the leaves are an Inkadinkado stamp which I've watercoloured in shades of burgundy.

The background "trees" were done using a Lavinia clear stamp having first masked off the nest and leaves area. I'm really pleased with the blue against the pink and burgundy. If you can have a soft blue bird who lays deep blue eggs, I figured you could have pink leaves and purple trees. And no, I haven't been at the mind-altering substances - unless chocolate counts??


Chriss Rollins said...

Hi Rosie,
Since your canadian holiday you have come back even more creative than when you went, your mojo is all of your work.
thanks soooo much for everything you have shared with us and yes it is good just to craft for the fun of it pressure at all.
chriss x

Heather Robinson said...

Bravo for you for taking the time and head space to create for yourself. Those times are often few and far between but the result in your case is brilliant. You seemed to so enjoy creating this....and I love it.

LazyKay said...

You can have any colour leaves you want I guess, look what nature does with them.

Lovely piece.


Dot said...

This is so beautiful - I love anything birdy and this is perfect!