Wednesday, 6 August 2008


Clever Linda spotted these at the bottom of the stash photo, so I thought I'd show them in more detail. The square ones top left are about 1.5" square. I actually got them in a dollar store, and there were about 8 of each in a packet!! Yes really so about 5p each, and it's my favourite bargain of the trip and I bought a few packs. They are a mixture of brass and silver effect and weigh almost nothing so they'll be usable on a huge variety of projects.


Linda said...

Oh you lucky, lucky girl - they are gorgeous! Why can't we get things like that over here in the pound shops!!!

pammyjo said...

It's so nice to have you back.Those are awesome little trinkets. I haven't seen anything in our dollar stores. Darn!

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous Rosie - wish we could get stuff like this in the UK.