Thursday, 28 August 2008


Last night I trashed the birdhouse, ripped the paper off and undid everything I'd done to it. It wasn't that I didn't like it, but it was TOO pretty and I wanted something more grungey and vintage. So I've set it aside until I get inspired to work on it again.

I made this for the Created by Hand challenge to use something I'd never used before. Well I've been wanting to do image transfers for some time, and bought a bottle of Transcryl from an art shop. What you do is paint several coats over the image, letting each dry, and then you can rub the paper off the back and the image is on the "plastic" you're left with. The black and white image of children here is the result but I'm not too thrilled with this product - the resultant "plastic" is a little thick with all those coats, and unpleasingly shiny (which doesn't show in the picture). Also the edges are very definite and I was looking for a more ragged, distressed edge.
However, it does what it says on the label even if I'm not keen on the result.

Images of Victorian children are often very stiff, but I rather like this little family group in their boots and stockings. I often think that by using these images the children pictured live on in our minds, even though no-one knows their names any more, and that's what I was trying to convey when I used the butterflies.


Chriss Rollins said...

Lovely thought of your ATC I have never used the transfer stuff.
Oh rosie I popped over to see how the bird cage was coming along and see you have scrapped it...oh no!Was it something we said lol.
OK you now have me waiting and wanting to see what you come up with with your grungy always have amazing resutls in that area.
looking forward to seeing the stages as you go.
thanx chriss x

Linda said...

Poor birdhouse! It was just getting used to being smart and now its going to be messy! Oh well - you know I like grungy; can't wait to see the next pics.
Love the ATC - have you tried doing transfers with Golden gel medium? Suzi Blu has a demo on You Tube.
Love Linda x

SammieJay said...

Hi Rosie,
Thanks for paying me a visit. I love the idea of the butterflies conveying a special message. Hard to tell from a photo why you are disappointed by the result, but the image is a lovely one.

LazyKay said...

IKWYM about the plastic effect but it's good to have a report of how it worked.

I love the end result.


Heather Robinson said...

I love your thought about the people in these photos living in our minds because that is exactly what they do. I find myself remembering them when I want a certain look. They should be lucky they have us!!LOL Great image transfer. Beautifully designed too! My regrets to the birdhouse!!