Thursday, 6 November 2008


I made this yesterday for a friend's 50th birthday. It's 6 x 6" and goes in one of those deep box frames. I've photographed it out of the frame because of reflections on the glass. She said she didn't want any birthday presents because she doesn't need anything, but I wanted to make her something to tell her that I value our friendship. We met when we were both suffering from deep depression and helped each other through a bad time, which has made a lasting bond between us even though we no longer meet very often since I moved.

She tends to like "cute" pretty stuff and I don't, so I've tried to make it more her style than mine ... not an easy challenge! I just can't do cute bears or whatever .... it isn't ME.

Anyway, despite it being quite "pretty" I do like how it has turned out. The background is a Basic Grey paper and the pewter butterfly sticker is by Magenta - I bought it in a sale ages ago, one of those "it's bound to come in for something" buys! The friendship quote is mounted onto blue card to make it stand out, and then I stamped the (Autumn Leaves) swirls around it.

Then I stamped the larger butterflies onto watercolour paper and painted them, then mounted them quite high on two foam pads to take advantage of the deep frame and make it more 3D, although the photo doesn't show this very well. It still looked just a little bare, so I added another stamped small butterfly, which seemed to finish it off nicely. I think she'll like it.


Ruth said...

gotta say rosie this is one of my favourite makes of yours--the colours a blended beautifully

magpie said...

Rosie what a beautiful gift of friendship that YOU have made, your friend will treasure forever.
Sharon xx

Rosemary said...

Well, it is very lovely. I love the colors you used and the butterflies. I think she is going to love it.

Jaqi said...

What a beautiful gift, so thoughtful, she will be over the moon with this its lovely. The colours are lovely too, shes a lucky friend, Jaqi x

Kaz Scrapz said...

This is gorgeous Rosie - what a stunning gift for your friend - she will treasure it. xxx Karen

LazyKay said...

It's beautiful and a treasure


Linda said...

What a wonderful quote .... and a gorgeous piece of artwork. Something to treasure.