Saturday, 29 November 2008


Look what I found! I've no idea what it was doing there it but I spotted it in a bargain bin at the local independent £1 shop, and that's what I paid for it! Maybe it's one of those oddities that got left on the stock room shelf and forgotten about?

It's quite a nice wooden shelf/frame about 12" high, and you can just see where I've pulled out a row of small hooks from the upper part. I'm not worried about the holes because I can fill them without worrying about spoiling the wood since I'll probably paint it. The starfish is going too, but I may well recycle it for something else. At first I thought of putting a mirror behind the frame, but not sure at this stage. I'm sure something will come to me.

It joins the (quite large) collection of goodies I've collected to alter, and will have to sit around for a while until inspiration strikes! At the moment I fancy painting it in quite strong colours and patterns, and perhaps adding collage images. Not sure yet.

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