Wednesday, 5 November 2008


I've been taking an online course by Sue Bleiweiss to learn the art of journal making, and this is the first project in the course.

The cover is made with pelmet vilene onto which is fused cotton fabric, then the edges are all satin-stitched. The course suggested a velcro closure but I chose to do a button and loop, although there are any number of ways to fasten it.

The next stage was to make sets of pages, known as "signatures" which I cut out of watercolour paper. I made six signatures and they are all stitched in place along the spine of the cover. As you can see from the open picture, I have already decorated some of the pages, but only a little until I decide what this album will be for. It's going to be MINE whatever, but I'm so glad I've learned this technique because it will be great to make these as gifts.


magpie said...

This is a very useful journal technique.....Rosie love it and you had to use a button......!!!!!
Sharon xx

Jaqi said...

Lovely Journal, I cant wait to see what else you add to it, Im sure it will be amazing, Jaqi xx

LazyKay said...

A beautiful heirloom, sort of ethinc.


Linda said...

How fabulous is this!! Now I'm jealous.... :-)