Sunday, 23 November 2008


This is one of the projects I did with Sharon and Linda in our "Small Art Adventure"! We each shared a technique, and Linda persuaded me to do a collaged background by tearing pieces of paper and slapping them onto the box any old how. Now I realise I like to be in control of the effects I'm achieving, so this random way of working went really against the grain .... and I admit I struggled. Everyone tells me my work is so "neat" (as in tidy) and I'm never sure if that's a compliment or not!!

But, it's true once you try something your eyes are opened, and I do think its a great way of achieving a background that I might well use again. However, what I put on the top was much more me (if a little grungier than usual) and my sense of humour came out in the words "cold, blow sniff hack" - well it is a tissue box! The colour of the lid picks up the shade in the tape measure at the bottom, and I distressed it with chalk inks to make it fit with the rest, then added a layer of Mod Podge to seal it.


Jaqi said...

OOH Lovely , bet you had a great time with Sharon and Linda.
This is nice, and your work is always "neat" and that is a compliment. Well done Rosie another lovely piece of art, jaqi x

Sarah said...

This would be the neatest gift for a friend who is under the weather! I really like it!!!

magpie said...

Rosie your tissue box is fantastic I looked at it twice then had to smile at the words you used how useful.. You think well outside the box.. and you made it work your way.. cool it rocks
Linda will love it.... I do..
Sharon xx

Heather Robinson said...

Bravo to you for just slapping papers on this tissue box despite the fact that it wasn't comfortable. The end result is amazing! I'm afraid I'm exactly the opposite. Slapping on is more my style!!

Linda said...

I love it!!!! Thank you for was worth it, honestly!
Love L