Friday, 28 November 2008


These are the pieces I made for our challenge over on Awfully Big Art Adventure. The purple angel is from an idea I found online - she's about 12" long and mainly done with mountboard and scrapbook papers, with her face, hair and wings hand painted. She's going to hang in our hall when the decorations go up.

The other piece is a celebration of my favourite store - Artchix. They have such fabulous stuff to play with, and this is one of their metal dreamboxes with a Mona angel inside it, made from Artchix collage sheets. I gave the box a coat of gesso so that the paint would stick, and added some gold decorations including a cherub, and the scrumptious German scrap wings.


magpie said...

Rosie I love how you have created your angels I love them..
A nice challenge again thank you....

ps love the new dots

Sharon xx

Jaqi said...

Really Lovely, a fantastic creation as always, thanks for the inspiration, Jaqi x

Carol said...

Beautiful and amazing..

I have something I would like to share with you here

Anonymous said...

Your angels are so wonderful. Love the one in the dreambox :)