Saturday, 29 August 2015


Sorry I was absent without leave last week - the page I made during that period speaks for itself.  In fact this is the only page I made during the past two weeks, when I generally average 3 or 4 in that time.

I'm not going to undertake an explanation of how it came together because the pictures pretty much speak for themselves, as do the words.

I'd probably be coping better if we weren't also trying to organise ourselves to move house in a couple of months, but we're getting there in little steps.  Its also strange to go from being a cared for person to trying to do the caring - basically we support each other, and some things we can't do even between us!!

But we're doing OK and next week go for the follow up appointment post surgery, at which we'll find out about the plans for chemo etc.  So far so good, but it helps so much to have my journal to explore and put down my feelings.  Cheaper than therapy too!


Beacee said...

Such positive colours underlying the uncertainty! Thinking of you often and praying for you both.
Love and prayers as always, Barbara x

jinxxxygirl said...

Oh Rosie.......Sending you a big BIG hug which is truly all we can do in this virtual world... My thoughts will be with you Hugs! deb

Carol said...

Oh Rosie - I am so sorry to read your news. I hope that the follow -up is positive and I wish your husband all the best for Chemo - it is a hard treatment to undergo . Gentle hugs and positive thoughts to you both x

Anonymous said...

How grateful we should be that you opened your heart & journal page to us. I think we should all remember this could happen to any of us at any time.
Thank you,
Grandma Nancy

florenel said...

How I'm sorry for you to hear this very bad news.
I hope the chemo and so on will be blessed to you.
Wish you all the best and I think of you in my prayers.
Nel Wisse from the Netherlands. Art-name is Florenel.

Mary said...

Oh dear Rosie, I misunderstood your last post where you said prognosis was good...I missed completely your next words regarding chemotherapy. I am praying it does all it should, that side effects are minimal and for complete healing for your dear husband. For strength and peace for you both.

Hugs to you Rosie!

alexa said...

I'm looking at those pebble shapes and thinking how lumpy and bumpy this journey is ... and I am holding you both warmly in my thoughts, Rosie, and hope the chemo is easily navigable and you are both sustained and cherished by those around you :).

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