Sunday, 9 August 2015


Fortunately that was LAST week!  All sorts of difficulties raised their head, culminating in a possible cancer diagnosis for a close family member, so when I made this page I was feeling ever so slightly overwhelmed!  For me this is when keeping a journal really comes into its own - once whatever it is is safely down on paper you can let go of most of it ....

Anyway the page began with a background made with blue paint and white gesso, with a touch of dark blue Neocolour II crayon on the edges for emphasis.  On top of that I placed an assortment of reddish pieces of collage - I don't so much use pictures from magazines as bits of colour and pattern that appeal to me.  Sometimes I cut out sections of a good plain colour that I can stamp or draw on.
Then instead of a shadow I added a simple black outline and some scribbly lines and doodling using black and white Posca paint pens - the 0.7 fine nib ones.
You may know by now that for me there always has to be a face or something on my pages, so this slightly dodgy looking person represents me hiding out and saying "is it safe to come out yet"?  I just painted a pale face shape onto the background and then added black paint pen for the hair.
As you can see below, it didn't really look finished at that point and needed something?  Well I thought so at the time.  I do know I have a tendency to over decorate my pages but those big blank spaces were bugging me.
So a few more pieces of reddish collage and some black and white doodling and I was satisfied with the result.  It did me good to get it out of my system, and for once I even managed to use two colours instead of just one!
Family member is in surgery tomorrow and I hope and pray that all will be well - it will be an anxious day, and I will probably have to journal about that too!!

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Bonnie Irvine said...

This is fabulous from both an artistic point of view as well as a wonderful way to deal with stress. I am sending positive healing thoughts your way for both you and your family member. I hope all goes well.