Monday, 23 April 2012


When I looked back I'd made a lot of journal pages about worry - obviously more of a preoccupation of mine that I'd previously realised.  Its not that I'm a control freak or anything (no really I'm not!) but I do like to be well organised and prepared for whatever is coming up - and sometimes you just can't see very far ahead.  That's when I start fretting and have to remind myself to stop.

As things have turned out I now have more than enough to worry about because my MIL who lives with us is ill, and caring for her is proving to be a helluva challenge .... We were ambushed by this happening out of the blue, but we are now trying to get Social Services involved to give us some help.  The really stupid thing is that in fact that wasn't what I was worried about here!  Duh, and will that teach me anything? It should, but it probably won't.

As usual (am still trying to love paint, but its not working so far) the background has been done with Caran d'Ache crayons, to which I added a dopey looking female and these typewriter stamps. I've had them for ages but hardly used them - what is it about such old fashioned looking letters that appeals?  I've got a computer font like this too, and use it a lot.  Maybe its because I learned to type on an old fashioned manual and still can't get over how wonderfully easy modern keyboards are to use?
Then I added a wobbly black line around the page, with what look like little cracks creeping in.  I do this quite a lot - it seems to define the page really effectively, or that could be just me trying to control stuff and keep it inside the box?
The final touches to what was a relatively simple page were a pointy finger stamp, some journalling and lots of doodling with white and black pens.  Hopefully whenever I leaf back through my journal I will encounter this page andl be reminded to stop worrying about whatever is on my mind at the time? 
Yeah right - is that the porcine squadron I hear passing overhead?


Maureen said...

Love it! Yes, we all tend to worry too much. I know I am constantly reminding hubby to stop complaining about things he can't change. A waste of time and effort.

This is a page we all need to take a look at every once in awhile!

Helen said...

I love the alpha stamps you've used and the edge to your page. I too, worry. Lets form a stop worrying club!

Deborah said...

You can't beat a wonky typewriter font, or a pointy finger. Love your page - and I hope it's released some of your worrying thoughts, at least for now.

Cath Wilson said...

Lovely work, Rosie but hey, it's okay to get it down on paper. Isn't that what journalling is for? We all have our more positive and our more negative periods but you're right - it will remind you! I always find it best to do a spread on counting my blessings and the things and people I love when I'm at my lowest - it doesn't solve everything but it changes my focus a bit and helps me to praise and be thankful. Have a great week!

alexa said...

I love your page, Rosie, though it's a bit painful to hear you having such a go at yourself! Though I am sure you have your best interests at heart. :) That sounds hard with your MIL: we are caring for my elderly, and poorly, parents, and can understand a bit of what the stresses and strains are like for you. Hoping you get some help soon ...