Saturday, 1 August 2009

More birdies

A lot of people have asked how it's going with my daughter home, and the answer is that it's fine! No it's better than that - it's good! We don't get in each other's hair because there's enough space in this house, and even when we had a grumpy moment we worked it out. It's nice too because now I don't drive I don't get out much! (Yes, I know it sounds a bit sad). She's taken me to one or two places now, a facility I will miss when she finds a full-time job! Anyway she's gone away for the weekend - to look after her nieces - and while she's gone I made her this cushion with some fabric she admired in Ikea. Love those birdies!


Emma said...

What a thoughtful Mum you are, also very talented - this is beautiful :D

Artyjen said...

Ikea rules!!! Love that material! My nearest store is a long way off so don't get there much......I know you can look on-line but it is just not the same. LOL

Linda said...

I'm glad its all working out so well for you both. I LOVE that cushion...I may have to go to Ikea tomorrow!!