Friday, 7 August 2009


I'm not getting as much time as I would like for making art at the moment, but I did manage to find time to return to one of my favourite icons in the form of this Frida ATC.

I was trying to get back into the zone of putting real symbolism into ATCs so there's a lot of layers in this. I used a scrap of really interesting paper for the background and added the green spiky bit. I was thinking about it as a dagger point to symbolise the dreadful car accident she had in her youth. When I stamped the roughly stitched band along the bottom I was thinking about the many operations she endured, and the prison her body became - hence the padlock. But perhaps her art wouldn't have flowered as it did without those experiences, so I gave her a crown because she was a princess! It is available to swap ....

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