Friday, 13 June 2008


Made this for the Mixed Media Monday challenge "Beside the Sea" theme. I love this image of lots of bathing beauties in their 1920s costumes - sort of reminds me of the swimsuit beauty contests they used to have in the seaside town where I grew up. My own story is that this is the Debutantes' annual outing to the seaside to try and catch themselves a rich and titled husband!

This is also my first attempt with Adironack colour washes (using stream) and I was trying to get a watery effect, but I found the stuff very concentrated and have been recommended to dilute it somewhat. The "waves" at the bottom are a combination of a Paper Artsy stamp with some white pen doodling, plus a couple of charms from Scrapz.

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Jaqi said...

I love this Rosie, These old images are fantastic, it looks great, Jaqi