Wednesday, 4 June 2008


I was in reflective mode with this one - and doing my best to escape the brown vintage rut! I've only recently got this set of shrine stamps by Invoke Arts and I LOVE them. Couldn't resist framing this sweet image with a little house, and I hardly need explain why the wings and stars do I? I just thought she had a madonna quality to her, very tranquil and reflective ... which incidentally is the complete opposite of how I am feeling, so maybe it was wishful thinking on my part!!


sakazoke said...

This is gorgeous Rosie. Lovely seeing you back and atcing again.

Jaqi said...

Oh Rosey , how wonderful, what a lovely image. Do you know wo it is? or was it just a random image?it is really lovely, quite comforting in fact. Jaqi

Linda said...

Oooh I like this Rosie...very serene and soothing. Love the lettering, is that a stamp?
Linda xxx