Tuesday, 18 March 2008


I've wanted a Mona Lisa stamp for ages and bought this one from Lost Coast. However, I've got two issues with it - firstly it's bigger than I really wanted, and secondly it makes her look like she has a fat nose and not beautiful at all.

So there I was staring at various Mona images and not liking any of them, when suddenly I started to draw on them ... and then things went from bad to worse! I had a very giggly session and won't show you the one with the beard, but these are for trading if they make you laugh as much as they do me!


sakazoke said...

Ive owned this Lost Coast designs Mona Lisa stamp for a while now and find it addictive. Its perfect for my atcs. In fact ive had to put her away as i keep making far too many ATCs with her. You have done a nice job of using it as well. Fat Nose?? Really? Poor Mona LOL! Love the gold background. Such a pure and beautiful colour Rosie, i love it!

Linda said...

They are great Rosie - show us more...especially the bearded one!
Linda x

Chriss Rollins said...

Rosie, i rally like them they are fun and individual and that makes them unique and like linda please show us the bearded lady.. do you remember seeing her at the fair grounds along with the spider woman.
Thanx for sharing.
chriss x

LazyKay said...

So disappointing when an image isn't what you're expecting but it looks as if you've circumvented the problem!