Friday, 28 March 2008


Searching through my stamps I found one that said "think outside the box", so I did. Just let my ideas run a bit wild without following any particular course (which is why it ended up a bit brown - what IS it with me and vintage)? The crackle background is stamped, the figure is variously altered (don't you love those legs) plus some gold scrap, a bit of doodling and a stamped message. If you want her let me know ..... NOW TRADED


Heather Robinson said...

I LOVE her....and I love the fact that you just let yourself freely create. OFten the most amazing pieces come out of these times. I would be honoured to receive her and happy to send something your way in return.

Rosie said...

Rosie, I love your ATCs and have just started making them myself. When I've made a few more, I'll get in touch.
How funny... I'm a Rosie too, you know, with a disabled DH, a madcap family and a passion for art n angling!! Small world... ;-]

LazyKay said...

Great piece - and, where did you get my legs from?