Tuesday, 11 March 2008


Made this in a flight of fancy the other day - it still makes me laugh. I LOVE stamps that look like tickets, and have a collage sheet of babies in nests which is just yummy, and I'm tickled by the baby's strange knitted garments. Couldn't resist adding the sparkly halo, but can't for the life of me explain why! Doodled around the edges freehand.


pammyjo said...

What an odd little outfit. I like this ATC, the serious look on the infants face. I like the mermaid one too. You are so creative.

sakazoke said...

Lovely ATC Rosie. the baby is adorable, and her little knitted top and skirt is priceless. Very 1950s baby. My gran had knitting patterens with these outfits in.
Ive been busy as well making a new batch of ATcs. Just loaded them all up on the blog.