Sunday, 11 October 2015


If this looks a little bit difficult to see or foggy or whatever, then its deliberate!  I could have used black for the writing but chose to use grey, which doesn't show up as well, and that kind of fits with the theme.

I sort of knew where I was going with this - I knew the page would be about struggling to see and have an eye at the centre.  I found this one on Google Images and really liked it!
I did colour the eye a bit - it started life black and white - and began to add the writing.  I had to add up the letters and spaces in what I wanted to say, to work out where the centre should be.  Didn't work out exactly but close enough.
And then because it was pretty much finished and I hadn't the mental or emotional energy to do much more, the page was completed using dots in grey and white. Its a very calming, meditative process, and you can see just how much difference something so small can make - and anybody can manage dots, even if you don't think you're particularly "artistic".
Both the page and the post are simple because its all I can manage right now.  Himself has to have his bladder removed and a stoma made, and probably chemotherapy as well.  We thought we were braced for this possibility, but it turns out you simply can't be, so it feels like being hit by a truck, or several of them.  Oh yes, and we have to move house in less than a month.  However, we're surrounded by kind friends and family, all willing volunteers to do whatever is needful.  There is also a calm place in the centre where God is, and we know she's in charge of where this goes.


alexa said...

Oh Rosie, that sounds like the most unwelcome of the possible news you might have had - I continue to think of you both often ... I am glad that you have such good friends and support around you. Your page is wonderful; I like the feeling of calm, which seems to belie the words initially. And thank-you for reminding us that dots are always possible for anyone. That feels like a good message too :).

Beacee said...

Rosie, holding you both in my prayers. xxxx

Artyjen said...

Wishing you calm and clarity aplenty....God bless.
xoxo Sioux