Monday, 6 April 2015



This is one of those pages I'm really pleased with - difficult to explain exactly why, but I like the shapes and the colours and I'm satisfied with it in some way which is difficult to quantify, but has something to do with having got down on paper what I wanted to say .....

Anyway, it began with paint - just bog-standard acrylic paint, and I then deepened the colour at the edge with a strong pink neocolour II crayon.  I added a piece of patterned paper for no other reason than that the pink and orange look nice together.
And having introduced the orange I went on to add more - from an assortment of collage pieces copied from previous journal pages.  The Modigliani lady just seemed to belong there - almost every page seems to need something HUMAN, whether its a figure or a pair of eyes, just something.
You may notice the grey shadow I added between the above and below pictures - I used a grey Promarker, and it always amazes me how much difference it makes!  I didn't know that I was going to write this until I did - but then again its not very surprising since this is what is most on my mind at present.  Health issues (mine) have led us to the decision to retire early, and while I'm sad to be leaving where we are, I'm also a bit excited about the future and time to be together .... and I WANT to be allowed to look forward to it.
So having said what I wanted/needed to get out of my subconscious, I did the my usual trick of filling in the remaining gaps with this and that - I often use dots as shadows/shading and this time I used the grey Promarker again, and like the subtle effect it has given compared to using black.  The flowers are just doodles to fill up the space.
So there I am - caught between a life that I've loved but can no longer sustain, and a new life of freedom from responsibilities if relative penury!  Fortunately I LIKE beans - we may well have to eat a lot of them for a while - and am happy to get my clothes from charity/thrift shops.  I have a secret slush fund saved up for craft supplies - I definitely can't do without those!!


Mary said...

Yes, art supplies above all else!! So true!!! :)

And Rosie, I understand how hard giving up the loved and familiar. But, change can be such a good thing. Shakes us up a bit, moves things about...making room for new to pour out...this is an adventure.

Praying God surprises you with such sweetness along this journey.


Madeleine said...

Lovely page again Rosie!! Wishing you lots of success with your new life; it will be a new adventure !

alexa said...

Such a vibrant page - even if the lady looks a little unsure at present :). Hoping that now the decision is made, other things flow easily for you. Sounds like you may have to move? Looking forward to hearing What Rosie Does Next!

viv said...

Love your page Rosie. I find the only thing to worry about retirement is finding the time to do everything you want.
Speak soon Viv