Friday, 6 March 2015


Sorry about these pictures, which I can see now are a little bit dark.  I think this page was made back in January when it was somewhat dull and gloomy - whereas today the sky is blue, the weather is mild, the washing is on the line (!), and its almost warm enough to go out without a coat.

This began as a painted yellow background, onto which I added collage elements - for no special reason except that they rather took my fancy.  I believe the posh description for this is "tuning into the vibe"? Anyway, no very deep thought went into it, just instinct.  Some of the collage elements are colour copies of old journal pages, but others are images and shapes culled from magazines.
I finished adding collage elements to make a frame around the page, outlined the sections in black, and then used a grey Promarker to make a "shadow" around the edges.  Surprising what a difference this makes isn't it, so much so that I nearly always do it now though you may never notice unless its pointed out?
I do sometimes make pages like this, framing a big blank space to come back to later ... at which point I added the doll face, the writing and the doodly drawings.  Now and again I do a page like that and it never does get written on - which doesn't bother me at all.
You can also see here, if you compare with the previous picture, how I often doodle on top of a collage section.  In a way I feel this takes the piece from something cut out of a magazine to being "mine" if that makes sense!

Although this, like many of my journal pages, was entirely unplanned, it always amazes me how things come together and how I later see connections that seem to be entirely "right".  Maybe thats my subconscious at work .. but you can have your own theory about it!

Hope the Spring has sprung in your particular corner of the world - I'm enjoying early daffodils and crocuses, and we are quite northerly so it comes late to us here.  I would like to cast off a few layers of clothing and dive right into the Spring.


jinxxxygirl said...

Always love your pages Rosie. You are such an inspiration. Hugs! deb

Anonymous said...

Lucky stiff! We're still butt-deep in snow where I am.

I always love your posts because you make such gorgeous stuff, but also because you make it seem like no big deal.

Debs M said...

fabulous page x

Anonymous said...

Rosie, this is Lovely, thanks for sharing your process!
~Beth, Pennsylvania, USA

alexa said...

I love the goosey-duck and her/his friend looking into the middle. That's a great tip, Rosie, about doing a border or frame and then waiting to see what happens at a later date. Seems less scary to a novice like me! and I see what you mean about the shadow. (Don't you just want to break that glass sometimes without waiting for an emergency?).

Laney said...

Hi Rosie! I came over from Artstronauts Club. Love seeing your step by step process and yes - that gray shadow makes a big difference! I just found you on Pinterest - so many journal pages I had not seen before! Always love your work. We are having the first daffodils here in North Carolina, too. I am so ready for spring!