Saturday, 25 September 2010


It's that time of the week when I get my scissors out and do some snipping of the magazines and papers from the last few days. As you know that's been a fertile ground for journal prompts to share with you, and some of them make me laugh so much even if I never actually use them - although you might?

Here's what this morning's scissor-happy exercise produced ...

Find a world
Hidden fees
Loving life
May jump out
Stuff in your garage
No-one will hear
True to Life
Crazed Mishmash
Just what the shrink ordered
Feast your eyes
Dreams of seeing
Getting some answers

So lots there to get your brain cells whirling with activity!! I'd love to know if any of these spark something for you, so do please share any pages that result.
Speaking of which ... I found one which said "get out more" and this was the page which came out of that. It's a subject I often ponder because, being disabled, it's just easier to stay home most of the time where everything is organised the way I can handle it. If I go out I'm immediately reminded of my problems and difficulties, so often I simply stay home. I don't drive any more and just the thought of getting on a bus wears me out! While I do love messing about in my Studio I also know that it's really good for me to get out sometimes and challenge myself physically and mentally.

It might interest you to know that those little houses are stamps by Invoke Arts, and are possibly my favourite set of all time. This page isn't an original in that it was heavily borrowed from one I saw in Craft Stamper which inspired me. I changed it a bit of course so it's mine now innit?


Alix said...

fancy going out for lunch this week? :0)

Julia Dunnit said...

Yes it's yours. Indisuptably and a great page altogether. I'm not disablesd Rosie so had less excuse, but before I went back to work I was just the same...easier to stay at home and get things done on time and blah. For me it simply was a case of not being busy enough. Now I'm working again, I'm fitting in all sorts! Don't go out on a mission - just go out...fresh air, change of pace - and lunch with a chum now and then!

Kaz said...

Rosie your page could have been written for me as I feel so much like you.
The page may have been inspired by another one, but you made it yours. We all get inspiration off others, isn't that why we blog? xx

judie said...

oh what a great idea, off to find some scissors lol

judie xx

An Zeelmaekers said...

waaw its the first time i visit your blog!!!! amazing what you do...i will folow your blog whit plesure

Linda Elbourne said...

Oh it is definitely yours Rosie ... fab work! I have those IA stamps ... not mounted yet ... But I di have them ... Have a good week hunny ... I promise to try and visit a bit more often ... erm ... innit!

thekathrynwheel said...

Oh, lovely. I recognise that page ;-) But yes, you made it your own, Great stuff x

Linda said...

Its definitely yours...innit :-) I'd recognise a Rosie original anywhere.
A ab fab page but I'm a bit worried now about the message. I'll send an invite......