Thursday, 16 September 2010


Thought I would show you the gestation of another journal page. Because the pages in my chosen book aren't that heavy I've been gluing them together, and often I add some scrapbook paper for extra strength. As you can see that's how the background of this page was made - perhaps its not strictly legitimate, as its kind of ready-made, but since I have a LOT of paper scraps I see it as a great way to use them up. The thrifty scrapper strikes again.
I'd had this idea that I wanted to journal about some of my favourite things - you never know, one day my daughters or posterity might be interested? Yes, well. Anyway I had a particular poem by Maya Angelou in mind about a caged bird, and just happened to have some birdcage stamps! I think they're Basic Gray but didn't keep the packaging. Anyway, that was the next stage in decorating this page.
Then I added some soluble crayon and began to write about what the poem meant to me. And finally (below) is the finished page. I like the organic process of just allowing a page to grow like this, and the only part I'm uncertain about is the verse at the bottom where I wish the paper wasn't quite so white. Perhaps I should have used ivory or something? Hey ho, it's done now.
But before I go .... I came up with a brilliant wheeze!! I've never yet used any magazine images etc in a journal page but since they're free(ish) was determined to give this a go. I was cutting up an old copy of the mag Simple Scrapbooks - didn't find much in the way of images but cut out LOADS of titles which prompt all manner of ideas for pages .... eg
Feed your passion
I've seen this before
Try something different
Lose the Mess
Normal behaviour
It's Simple
Dark Horses
Breathing Underwater
Hidden Stories

Does this sound fun or what - try it and see why don't you??


natasha said...

Another great tutorial Rosie. I persaonlly don't think it matters if you use pre-made scrapbooking paper. It's your journal so just use whatever you would like. I think the page works well with that paper.

I love the poem and the extra doodle's you have added to the page. Thanks for sharing another lovely piece of work =)

Little Celtic Fairy said...

Great idea with the titles. Had never thought of that. Was always abit scared to use magazine pages, was abit worried they would rip and tear with the glue because they are so thin but might give it a go. :)

thekathrynwheel said...

OOh I love your page and it's great to see how it came together. Sometimes I use distress ink in antique linen to tone down white paper - makes it look like vintage paper ;-)

Linda said...

Another fab page...and using scrapbook papers is a lovely idea.
I agree with 'thekathrynwheel' - watered down Distress Inks are great for tinting white paper.

Jackie said...

hmmm...'Love the mess'.....I just have to.

Twiglet said...

I'm really enjoying all your tips and ideas on journalling and love your finished pages - thanks for sharing.

Boxoftrix said...

Love the colours in this page I will certainly be looking through those magazines before throwing them to the recycle or making them into paper beads

simply blue said...

I love your style and the way you show how the page "develops"...wonderful! I love art journaling!!!

Tess said...

I like this page just as it is. The white wording at the bottom pulls the white birds more into view. Lovely...