Tuesday, 15 July 2008


This project grew out of a challenge Linda and I set ourselves. She bought the stamp on the left and we each took a print of it in black on white card - and challenged each other to do something with it. I couldn't manage to use all the squares but several of them were Paris themed, and so this is the result!

The background is a sort of newsprint, because the Wednesday Stamper challenge this week is newspaper, and this also fits with last week's Crazy Amigo travel challenge. I was making up stories again, about a woman who in her youth made a bad decision and married the wrong man. Once a year she travels to Paris, ostensibly to shop, but really to stay in room 105 Hotel Chatham and indulge her memories of the man she really loved. The little fragments in various shades (from the stamp) along the bottom represent the scraps of memory she treasures. This piece is bigger than usual at about 5" x 7" and if anyone wishes to trade for it just let me know.


Chriss Rollins said...

What a story ...you should write a book Rosie.
this piece is just gorgeous.
Not sure it would be ok for the postcard sunday on Mandy's blog because of the size but the artwork it self will.
I have always loved that image it's stunning the hat is fab.
have a great day.
chriss x
still cant find antwhere that sells the stamp i asked about.but will keep looking

herminesplace said...

Its gorgeous!

Chris said...

Really beautiful and I love the story too :)
Chris xx

Stempelchaotin said...

Wow this is absolutely stunning.
Great collage. Love them.

Linda said...

Every picture tells a story with you Rosie! I'd better get a move on and do mine now.
Its a gorgeous collage - so original...and so you.
Love Linda xxx

Jaqi said...

Wow Rosie, My favourite.....PARIS.
this looks great. You have done a brilliant job again, Thanks for sharing, Jaqi

tina's space said...

beautiful!!nice use of elements.

Faye said...

Interesting story to go with your fabulous art.

Belinda said...

beautiful collage indeeed!

~*~Patty said...

I have that stamp Rosie and you've used it SO amazingly! I do enjoy your artwork very much! I was up until the wee hours last night making a batch of Russian doll ATCs. Thanks again for sharing that with me. I treasure the ATCs you traded with me.