Wednesday, 9 July 2008


I keep making these lil darlings, and although I wasn't all that pleased with my earlier efforts, I do think they are improving all the time. Did I mention how addictive they are? This is a slightly refined pattern and the blue one is rather better than her sister! I'm still getting a grip on this beading business.

Having just spent a WONDERFUL couple of days playing with Linda, I've come home inspired to make even better ones, and made a start on my first icicle doll last night. We can't really show you pictures of anything we actually MADE, as we mostly got wonderfully inky trying out new techniques to make splodgy backgrounds, talked non-stop, and shared ideas and know-how.

I'll be back to my card and paper as soon as I can get my breath back, but my head is buzzing with new ideas and I may have bought one or two goodies to play with as well . . .


Linda said...

Did you say 'one or two goodies'???
Mmmmm......I'm not saying a word (DH might read this)
Love the 2 girls - obviously the blue one is my favourite!
Are you going to make one with wings?
My craft room is too quiet..come back soon.
Linda xxxxx

Chriss Rollins said...

so glad you had a fantastic inky time with linda.... she is so creative yourself.
love your dolls too.
chriss x
ps wont ask how many goodies...ask no questions ..tell no lies...springs to mind lol.

Jaqi said...

Hi Rosie , the dolls are great, I can see how they would become addictive.
So glad you had a good time at Lindas, bet you had loads of fun, its nice to see you back tho, Jaqi x said...

Hi Rosie
Just nipped in to tell you that last weeks entry to this thursday has been chosen as 1 of our top 15
I love it so much

Barbara Hagerty said...

These are adorable!