Friday, 4 April 2008


Found this little image in my stuff and I thought she was probably meant to be a gypsy (or a romanticised idea of one) fortune teller, so the script writing connected in my head with the idea of fate and "the moving finger writes and having writ moves on". The blue background and the moon are because I was thinking that fortune teling is something that belongs in the night rather than the brightness of day. It's a very simple composition and as I wasn't feeling too well yesterday I think I was in a slightly "dreamy" mood (what do you mean away with the fairies)??


Chriss Rollins said...

hello rosie, sorry u were not felling well and hope you are on the mend,
Gypsy Rose is lovely you keep finding all these little pics in your stash :)) and i for one am sooo pleased you are
take care
chriss x

Linda said...

Ooohhh my favoutite colour - I really like that Rosie!
Hope you are feeling better.

Linda said...

Please check my blog tonight if you can.

LazyKay said...

Away with the fairies must be a good place to be if you produce work like this on your return!


Jaqi said...

Sorry you were feeling under the weather, hope you feel better soon, Thanks for sharing your lovely work, Jaqi x