Wednesday, 23 April 2008


This is the result of me just sitting down with a pile of stuff and letting the spirit move me, which I don't do often enough. It'smade with a shrine stamp from Lost Coast Designs which I've watercoloured and given gold touches. Used it to frame a Mona portrait, and gave her a crown and (real) tiny beads put on with a cocktail stick! I love the way you can do so many things with an iconic image such a Mona Lisa - I even gave her specs once!


Linda said...

I like that sooo much! (Hint, hint)
You have done a fabulous job of painting the shrine. What an icon that Mona is!
Love Linda x

Jaqi said...

Very nice, Ive just bought this stamp, im looking forward to playing with it.Jaqi x

Kaz Scrapz said...

Love the painting of the Shrine Rosie - gorgeous. xx Karen