Tuesday, 5 June 2018


I thought I'd already put up this post, but Blogger seems to have eaten it, so here we go again.  I haven't been journalling very much while we've been having lovely weather up here in northern England (untypical I assure you).  I've been doing a lot of day-dreaming in the garden, so forgive me if I don't always have anything to show you.

As always, the simplest of painted backgrounds, just two colours of blue acrylic scuffled around with a wet wipe.  I'm now concerned about my use of these and looking into alternatives - don't want to contribute to an ocean full of them, and apparently they take eons to degrade.  Might have to use real fabric scraps instead? 

Then I pasted all all sorts of blue bits and pieces together to make a border.  These are just free found items from catalogues and magazines, which make great

I wanted to put the pictures above and below side by side so you could see the difference adding a subtle shadow around the elements can make, but Blogger wouldn't let me.

I read a statement not long ago which impressed me, and it was something to the effect that we waste too much time worrying what others think about us, and what we should do is set our own standards and try and live to them without explanation or apology.
As somebody who wasted a lot of my early life being a people pleaser and worrying what they thought about me, I so wish I'd learned earlier that being authentically true to yourself (and in my case to God) are all you can do.  I've always tried to treat others in the way I'd like to be treated, but if someone else makes judgements about me because of this I shouldn't let it change me or the standards I try to live by.

I know what I mean but I'm not sure I've explained it very well.  The sunshine and the garden are calling me away ...
Rosie X


ccroper said...

I love your art journals. My job as an advertising graphic designer is all on computers, but I miss the smell of glue, pen and ink, markers and paint! I am planning on creating an art journal, but somehow I get stopped by my New Year's resolution: decluttering the office in my home! It's full of electronic and computer stuff!

The prospect of art journaling has already made me start 'collecting' things again, instead of cleaning things out. So I'm trying to balance things out a bit. Zentangling has kept my supplies (and junk) to a minimum until I feel I have made sufficient room for 'crafting supplies'. I will be following your blog and enjoy your pages along the way. Keep on inspiring me with your art!

Rosie said...

I'm so pleased you enjoy my pages. To be honest my journalling supplies don't take up a lot of space! Paint, markers, gesso, collage supplies - you really won't need much to get started I promise, and it needn't take up a lot of room.

Anonymous said...

Another lovely page and a sentiment I really agree with. I used to have a lot of problems worrying about what other people thought of me but now I am much happier because I am happy with what I think of me and it doesn't depend on anyone else. A very freeing feeling indeed! Take care x

Dawn said...

With regards to the baby wipes, the in thing at the moment is to use rice papers to mop up and then to use these pieces for backgrounds, etc. I've been much the same, trying to be what I think others want me to be. Then I became ill with fibro and realised they didn't really care anyway! Lovely page again xx