Wednesday, 9 May 2018


Having been somewhat unwell for a couple of weeks, I have sadly neglected my journal.  I know, not to be journalling must mean I'm REALLY sick, right?  It felt good to be working in it again, and even though I'm not 100% happy with this page its all I've done, so I thought I'd share it anyway.

Simple bands of acrylic paint form the background, and I had no particular idea of where I was going.  I just wanted/needed to get back to work!
Following my usual technique I then added collage and some black outlines - I nearly always do that but couldn't explain why.  I just like the result, especially in terms of linking collage elements together.  When you add the grey shadow as well something just clicks.
Then, as so often happens, words I didn't know were in there just fell out of my head and onto the page.  This reflects what's on my mind right now, and the message from my subconscious about not letting fear spoil today's joy is exactly what I needed.  How does my brain do that?
Anyway, the final stage, as ever, is the mad doodling and decorating part.  Normally its my favourite stage but on this occasion I was tiring and just wanted to FINISH.  Not like me at all where you often have to take something off me and tell me its done and to stop fiddling with it. 
Feeling so slow, stupid and post-viral I am rather wearily signing off - will this headache never go?  Also my apologies for last time's childish whinge.  It seems that I just really need to know you are out there and with me - it helps to make it possible to keep going.


Dawn said...

You are totally allowed to whinge you know! If not here, where?! I like the colour combination on this one. The lady for me kind of sums up how you must be feeling really, it looks like she's just shrugged her shoulders with a sigh, in a 'meh' kind of way! Don't forget you have to start somewhere and a piece doesn't always work everyday. Well, you still manage to do more than me most days! What's the guessing that you probably made yourself ill after stressing last post!?! It's easy to say, I know, but try NOT to be sooo hard/down on yourself. You know that quote, 'Let what you do today be enough'. Gentle hugs as always xx

Cath Wilson said...

Great page and brilliant philosophy! I bet God was smiling, watching you make that :-)

Sometimes he/she has to force us to STOP! and realise that the future is His to decide and we must just trust.

You're amazing, Rosie. Know that you are very special, very precious and greatly LOVED!

Cath x

Elizabeth said...

Isn't it nice, how therapeutic art journaling is, or even just art in general? Your work is always inspiring, and reading everything you write is comforting. Thank you so much!