Sunday, 14 January 2018


My other half brought me flowers the other day - yes he still does, after more years than I care to confess to.  I know that makes me lucky, and I wanted to record that truth.

So I prepped a page with gesso followed by lilac acrylic, which I then rubbed off here and there with a wet wipe.  Easiest way I know to start a page and get rid of the glaring intimidating white expanse!
Then, to give you an idea of how I work, I pulled out some bits and pieces of collage which just happened to appeal to me.  Yes I know they are all blue or lilac - I seem to get stuck in the tone on tone mode where I use a palette of similar colours.  I just got made that way.  Not all of the pieces made it into the final page, but that's just my process - try things, keep some, discard some.
Sorry about the apparent colour change below - its the difference between natural and artificial light, the former being in short supply during these dark January days!
Having got some collage pasted down I was beginning to draw some hair around the face, then as usual I outlined the collage pieces with a black line followed by a shadow (done with a marker).  I love how it always makes the pieces 'pop' off the page.
And finally the words and the inevitable doodling.  As you probably already know that is pretty much my favourite part, and very few pages feel complete without at least a few dots!
It would be so frighteningly easy to take my Beloved and everything he does for me as carer, chief cook and bottlewasher, housekeeper, driver, etc etc, but I really REALLY don't want to do that.  I so wish he hadn't had to take on caring for me, but he says he does it because he loves me.  That's pretty special, and the feeling is entirely mutual.  We are, as ever, best friends.

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alexa said...

It is indeed pretty special and clearly a treasure in your life :). I am always inspired seeing how your lovely work evolves and your skill in adding things to the page. The little pops of white give it such a light feeling.