Sunday, 31 December 2017


I didn't set out to make a New Year page, it just sort of happened because this is always a reflective look forward/look back period for me.  It felt good and right to conclude that in all of the many ups and downs the past year has brought, there was so much that was good, lovely and true.

The page began with a soft blue acrylic paint, which I then dabbed off with a baby wipe.  In reflective, nostalgic mood it was possibly inevitable that I went for a soft sepia vintage look in my collage materials.  I used to love making collages with this old fashioned, timeworn look, but don't do so very often these days.
I was just building up layers from my store of bits and pieces, and this time my shadow line was done with a soft sepia (I normally use grey).  Below you can see why I try to avoid shiny paper because of the reflection in the picture - and this wasn't even particularly glossy, but I was taking photographs in artificial light.
Decided I didn't like the centre of the frame so as you can see below I collaged over it until I was happy with the result.  Not sure why the moon turned up, unless I was also thinking about New Moon?  It made sense at the time.  The writing arose from the place my mind had travelled to - sitting in that no mans land between Christmas and New Year, giving thanks for all that had been and looking forward in hope.
At that pointed I decided it needed more blue and think I ruined the effect of the sepia, but what the heck.  The blue I added isn't actually quite as bright as it looks but is the effect of electric light again, so necessary in these often dark, short days.
I left it like this for a while but in the end the blue was really irritating me, so out with the marker pens and I toned it all down.  The result isn't perfect but its better I think?
Once again, I share with you my own hopes for a new year - which are for more light, less pain and a great deal of love, which really is all any of us can ask for or need.
God Bless


Leslie of Art in CME said...

Happy and healthy New Year to you Rosie--keep up the inspirational and beautiful artwork!
Leslie Sharp

Marylaure said...

je te souhaite une très bonne et belle nouvelle année, remplie de petits et grands bonheurs, de petites et grandes joies, d'amour et d'affection et de sérénité ! continue tes pages sont belles et inspirantes et merci pour la générosité de tes partages!
belle et heureuse année 2018 !

alexa said...

What a wonderful blessing of three things for the new year :). I love that happy face of the moon - when I stepped outside at midnight as the year shifted to 2018 to admire our neighbour's fireworks, there was a beautiful bright full (or almost) moon shining down ... Wishing you lots of good things this year, Rosie, and thank-you for continuing to post your so-inspiring work x.