Sunday, 8 October 2017


As you know I don't generally use quotes in my journals, but here's another one I came across which just happened to speak into where I am right now. 
This is another very simply made page - a painted background to which I began to add a border of collage bits and pieces.
 And here it is with the border finished ... at which point those flowers from last week showed up again ... which can only be a good thing, right?
One of my Modigliani ladies also made her way onto this page, complete with a crown from my (much too large) rubber stamp collection.  I was bowled over when I came across this Jung quote - I suppose its to do with a change of attitude from victim with no power or choices, to something much more positive and powerful, even though you are basically in the same place?  This is something I remember from CBT, that you can't change what has happened, but you can choose how you react to it.  Lately events have had me down in the darkness, but (with God's help) I am clawing my way back out of that dark hole ....
So here I am, broken and wonky, but with a (mostly) undefeated spirit, ready willing and able to make what difference I can in the world.  I know that inevitably I'll visit that dark place again before I'm done, because I'm only human, and anyway sometimes you have to shed the tears before you are ready to rise again.  I think the word "undefeated" might have come from the Invictus Games, which were on at the time.  And for now, I am!
Nearly finished this purple journal I've been working in since last December, so have been preparing the next (number 14!) and will be starting out fresh in a few days.  Hope that's another metaphor for my down but undefeated state?


Monica said...

That is a great quote. As we age we are exposed to many unpleasant changes that we have no control over. we have to have courage to travel on through life and find a way to cope. Your use of journaling is inspiring. Something I need at this time.
thank you for your openness.


alexa said...

I am so glad I visited today. Your choice of words is perfect for me, and helped me step onto a different paving stone :). Such lovely glowing colours, and I see your new album has them too - a sign? Warmest good wishes xx.

Dawn said...

Can tell you're feeling a little better about things this week, your colours are brighter! Let's hope it lasts for a while and you can do some creating. Gentle hugs, Dawn xx

Cath Wilson said...

As a man thinks in his heart, so he becomes... think that's in Proverbs :-)

Love it - and so true. The frame looks amazing and as you say, so simple, really. Must try that!

Gorgeous work as ever, Rosie!

Cath x

viv said...

Rosie, It is so lovely to see your pages. I wish I could see you in person sometime xxx